Friday, 1 June 2018

New Tsum Tsum Collection by Mentholatum

Tsum Tsum is my latest Disney characters collections now. They are so cute and adorable. I always wanted everything related to Tsum Tsum. I had Tsum Tsum purse, pencil box, school bag, bedsheet and many more and now when I knew that they now came out with skincare products, I faster go and grab it. Do read up my review here.
The Mentholatum Tsum Tsum collection definitely has one of the most "kawaii-looking" packaging among all the beauty care items in the market. Since I am a teenager now, I really need to take care of my skin  using the super cute and appealing collections to get the best results to my skin.
The first item that I had tried out is the Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask with Single Sheet which price at RM7.90. There are 4 variants i.e. Rose, Lavender, Honey and Tea Tree. Each had different ingredients that will help to improve our various skin conditions.
Rose (Deep Hydrating Face Mask) suitable for dehydrated skin, Lavender (Soothing & Hydrating Face Mask) suitable for tired and sensitive skin, Honey (Revitalizing Face Mask) suitable for dull skin and Tea Tree (oil Controlling Face Mask) suitable for oily and blemish skin.
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash, 100g at RM14.90 is available in 2 cariants i.e. Hydra and Whitening Face Wash which had the natural rose scent that brings freshness and comfort to my skin and The Pore Refining Face Wash that helps to minimise my pores and re-balance oil using Lentil extract for a more refined smooth skin.
For my dry lips, I started to use Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Fruity Lipbalm, 3.5g at RM11.50 each. It contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and other moinsturizing ingredients that deeply hydrate and nourish my lips. I like the ultra-smooth and lightweight texture that combined with refreshing fruity flavour of Apple, Lime or Peach melts on my lips for a long lasting moisture which keep my lips soft, smooth, healthy and protected from harsh environment and extreme wheather.
For my hand cream, I used Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream, 50g at RM16.90 which available in 3 variants i.e. Rose, Lavender and Jasmine. It contains ultra moisturising Almond Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil as well as other moisturizing ingredients that help to nourish, protect and ensuring that I will have a more youthful-looking skin.
Whenever I applied the hand cream, my skin feels hydrated and smooth with the relaxing flower scent that calms me after a long school hectic day. The cream also helps to strengthen my nails thus prevent it from becoming brittle.
New Tsum Tsum skincare collection by Mentholatum is available at Watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring and Sasa nationwide. For more details, do visit their website at
I love my latest collection of the new Tsum Tsum Skincare. It looks so cute and adorable and I'm glad that it is part of my collection now. After using it for 2 weeks, I can see that my skin had improved a lot and everytime after using it, I feel fresh. My skin is soft and smooth now and this Tsum Tsum skincare is indeed suitable for my use.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Fun Activities at Melaka Zoo & Night Safari

Animals are my friends and I love being with animals all the times. When Mommy Jane said will bring us to Melaka Zoo during the school holiday, me and my siblings were very excited and looking forward to our outing to Melaka Zoo. I been to few Zoos before i.e. Zoo Negara, Taiping Zoo, Kuantan Zoo, Sunway Petting Zoo, Farm in the City, KL Tower Mini Zoo, Singapore Zoo and lots more and this is my first time to Melaka Zoo.
We reached Melaka Zoo at 11.15 a.m. and Kak Hazwanni had ushered us to the rabbit feeding where I had the opportunity to touch the rabbits, cuddle them and feed them. They are so many of them roaming around and they looks so cute running near to me since I had their favourite vege and carrot with me.
I saw my favourite deer, green colour iguana, giraffe and huge rhinoceros which is quite near to me. Mr. Raja Segran, CEO of Melaka Zoo & Night Safari said, “We are very excited for this coming school holiday and we at Melaka Zoo & Night Safari believes that our zoo is the perfect place for wholesome family fun time and also for our guests to experience wildlife. We have lined up lots of fun & exciting programs that will happen during this school holidays.” 
Activities offered during this school holidays are Live Animal Feeding for Carnivores and Primates in the Zoo daily. During this Live Feeding Session, guest will be able to participate in feeding our Carnivores and also Primates. Besides the Live Feeding Session, Guests will also get the chance to experience feeding inside Melaka Zoo & Night Safari Mini Safari where our animals roamed free. 
Miss Nur Shahira Abdul Rahman, Melaka Zoo & Night Safari Assistant Curator said to the media, “The Feeding Session in our Zoo is meant to give our guest an experience that they will never forget. We believes that this activity will educate our Guest on our Animals in the Zoo and the Feeding in Mini Safari area will be a perfect platform for our guest to experience the wild.” 
Melaka Zoo & Night Safari will also bring an exciting special fire blowing performance by Fire Acrobats at the popular Night Safari. Visitors should catch this magnificent performance of Fire Acrobats as this performance is only during this School Holidays on Friday & Saturday Night. 
Miss Mahirah Mohamad Aris, Melaka Zoo & Night Safari Education Curator said to the media, “We are always finding for new activities to entertain our guest and we are proud to be able to introduce a Fire Blowing performance this coming School Holiday for our Night Safari. Besides that, we will also organise a Family Photo Contest this coming school holidays with Cash Prizes and also ZooMania Pass, our Annual Pass to be given out. We will announce the details of this contest through our Social Media Account soon.” 
Melaka Zoo & Night Safari also announced that for this coming school holidays starting from 25th November 2017 to 31st December 2017, all Melaka Man & Woman with Identification Card Middle Number of 04 & 30 will get special 15% Discount for Entrance Ticket to Melaka Zoo & Night Safari. For every Identification Card, they can purchase up to 5 tickets with the discount. 
Different species of Monkeys
Speaking to the Media, Mr. Raja Segran said, “We want to appreciate the support that has been given to us all this years from people of Melaka. And we would like to invite them to come and experience Melaka Zoo & Night Safari during this school holidays.” 
Not to be missed, animals performances at Melaka Zoo daily
Melaka Zoo & Night Safari School Holiday Program kicks off on 25th November 2017 until the School Holidays ends. 
Thanks to Melaka Zoo for having us there. It is indeed a memorable experience for me and my siblings to be near to the animals that we love so much. We had learned different types of animals from local and overseas here at Melaka Zoo. The most enjoyable moment is when I could feed and cuddle so many cute rabbits roaming at the small area. Besides visiting the animals, there is a small playground area for children like me to play too. I yet to visit the Night Safari and hope 1 day, I will be there again to have different feel with the animals that I love so much.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Swiss Dream Circus at Desa Parkcity

I really love to watch all the performances at Circus. When I knew that it was held at Desa Parkcity which is near to my house till this Sunday, I had asked Mommy and Daddy to bring me there. My dream comes true when last Friday, Mommy brought me and my 3 siblings to watch it live in action.
Le Tresor Legacy Ventures Sdn Bhd is proud to present the revival of the Swiss Dream Circus after their overwhelming response which held in 2014 and 2016. The vast talented circus performers from all over the world had came together to create the perfect blend of acrobatics and bravery for an experience where power meets fearlessness and amazement has no bounds. 
Anastasilia & Oleksii
Anastasilia & Oleksii had came together to create this beautiful act and have performed all over the world. The duo from Ukraine display strength and elegance in incredible perfection at the pole. Prepare yourdelf to be astonished when Anastasilia stands on her partner, while he is holding himself to the pole as a human flag.
Uliana and Andrii 
Uliana and Andrii have been working together for three years which resulted a unique skater act that has attracted thousands of viewers from around the world. Energy loaded, spectacular and full of lightness, the artists roll on a small surface and while keeping the same pace. Andrei raises his partner up while contorts her body to create new spectacular figures.
Duo Alansia
Duo Alansia had returned from their latest stint in renowned production "Adrenalin". This young couple is set to mesmerize your senses with their beautiful aerial act. With power and elegance, they flaunt their incredible figures as they swirl through the circus dome.
Clown Andrea (In sleeping wear) is like my favourite comedian, Mr Bean. He draws laughter as easily as water flows from a tap, described by the Singapore Business Times. He is one of the most famous clowns in Europe and was awarded at the prestigious Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo.
Andrii Maslov had combines dance and the art of juggling into an incredible act. The modern moves and the smooth ways of bringing up to seven balls in the air are just beautiful. His unique style and ease of perfomance could easily fool any audience into believing that is is easy to juggle such prevision. He perfoms the ladder balance act too.
Elli Huber
Elli Huber is a young Australian perfomer with a background in dance and music. I was amaze with her beautiful voice and her great dance performance.
For more information on Swiss Dream Circus, do log on to their website at and their facebook page at You can make your purchase through their online website to reserve your seats or purchase it at the counter at Desa Parkcity. 

The Swiss Dream Circus had performed beyond my expectations. The performance was thrilled and spectacular which I do not mind to watch it twice. I truly recommend all my friends not to miss out this show. The Swiss Dream Circus at Desa Parkcity will end on this Sunday and do book your tickets and your seats early before it is full. 
Me and my Titi with our favourite talent, Uliana

Thursday, 3 August 2017

I want to be a Wildlife Hero at Sunway

I want to be a Wildlife Hero because I had the passion to protect the animals. I want to stop all the cruelty and abuse to the animals. They are my friends and they are your friends too. When they're endangered, I care for them and when they are in trouble, I speak for them.
Rabbit represents me because I am an easygoing person and loves to make everyone happy. I visited Sunway Lagoon twice a year and only once at Sunway Lost World of Tambun. I always look forward to visit my cute little rabbit so that I can feed them, pat them and hold them to my heart. Please vote for me HERE to become a Wildlife Hero so that I could record everything that I will learn and share it through my blog here. Thank you.
Sunway Theme Parks is looking for junior heroes like me between the age of 7 to 12 years old to form a wildlife council to learn together at the same time, to develop knowledge and affection  leading to a lifelong love for both wildlife and nature.

The Wildlife Heroes campaign is a programme that include both fun and educational elements. The mission is to allow children to immerse themselves with the animal and nature world in ways that are entertaining, interactive and enriching; in a wonderfully controlled and safe environment. 
Selected candidates will get an experience of a lifetime of nature’s best in Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, a theme park set amidst lush greens, caves, hot springs and limestone hills of over 400 million years old; while on the other hand, in Sunway Lagoon, they will experience the wild with over 150 species of animals from around the world in the middle of concrete jungle, Klang Valley. With that, the junior heroes are able to experience the best of both worlds.

While on the excursion, the junior heroes will get the chance to share their thoughts and contribute ideas on how best they can further create awareness on the importance of the wildlife and nature, to their peers and for their future generation through quarterly meetings at Sunway Theme Parks.

“We are really ecstatic to kick off this inaugural campaign seeing the number of young visitors coming through both Wildlife Park and Lost World Petting Zoo! That inspired us to start a programme that caters towards children who are eager to discover wildlife and get in touch with nature on a more personal level regularly,” said Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks.

He added, “We believe that this is a great opportunity for children to get up close and personal with nature the fun and educational way at two great destinations under Sunway Theme Parks. Essentially, our hope is to raise heroes who care about and aspire to make a change for the future generation”.

Interested candidates are required to submit a 2 to 3-minute long video with a brief introduction of themselves and why they should be selected as a Wildlife Hero to by 11th August 2017, 6:00pm (*full details available at

Ten shortlisted finalists will be contacted via email by 15th August 2017 to attend the first ‘council’ meeting that will be held at LWOT in late August. It will be a 3D2N stay filled with exciting challenges and tasks. Selected candidates will walk home with cash prizes of more than RM80,000!

For more details on the Wildlife Heroes campaign and for terms and conditions, visit today. 


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Charity Movie Day Out with Little Yellow Flower

Last weekend, Mommy Jane brought me to Starling, MBO to join a charity movie screening by Little Yellow Flower. Since I got tuition in the morning, we reached MBO Cinema at Starling at 11 a.m. with my cousins from Singapore who came to Malaysia for their 1 month school holiday. We are there to watch Despicable 3 which is my favourite movie.
Mommy Jane said that the Little Yellow Flower is a non-profit organisation which was formed by Miss Charlie Young, Miss Lee Sinje, Miss Valen Hsu and Miss Gigi Leung for the love of the children and they are actively involved in other charity organisation works like World Vision and UNICEF by travelling on mission trips and by joining these trips, they get to understand problems children faced at a better and deeper level. Once understanding the situation, they realise that they would like to provide more for children around.
The Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation has the noble goal of bringing love, happiness and hope to all children regardless of their social status. Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation wants to help underprivileged children who are living in less fortunate environments by giving them moral support and help them to build towards a better life through proper education. It also hopes to bring out the best in children so that they may be like shinning stars, acting as beacons for a brighter future. 
Little Yellow Flower is working with different people, children and communities around which have different needs in hope to break the chain of poverty and transform the people and children to have a better and brighter future ahead.
Lee Sinje at the movie screening
If you want to be party of the charity, just donate RM100 and the mobey raised will be used for the Nutrition Program where a nutritious lunch meal will be given to a single child for 20 days. This will allow them to help more children so that they are able to grow up healthily.
MBO Cinema will reward you with a free MBO Movie Voucher for every RM100 donated and this campaign will end on 31 August 2017. You can send cheques or cash to 11A. Jalan Pandan 5/5, Pandan Jaya, 55100 Kuala Lumpur under "Little Yellow Flower Berhad" or bank-in into their Maybank account no, 514721664449. For receipt and movie voucher redemption, do email your transaction slip to or whatsapp them at 016-2255687.
I was very happy to be part of the charity campaign to help the underpriviledged children to have a brighter future. I was very happy to see my idol, Lee Sinje on that day and the smile on each of the children from the Little Yellow Flower. Thanks to DreamWorld Playland for sponsoring the movie tickets to me so that I can share the charity deed with my friends. Hope all of us will join hand to do our part to help those underpriviledged children to have a better life.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Authentic Thai Food at Streat Thai, Jaya One

During the Labour Day recently which is also the public holiday for all the workers and students, my parents brought me to have authentic delicious Thai food at Streat Thai, Jaya One, The School, Petaling Jaya. This is my first time been to the restaurant and everytime my parents brought me to have Thai food, I will always order my favourite Mango Sticky Rice. Here I am at Streat Thai reviewing the new menu.
Once I reach the restaurant, I love their open concept dining area. There are a number of stalls serving a variety of noodles, Thai salad, stir fry dishes, bbq and desserts. All their stalls including drinks are stationed by the Thai cooks. The restaurant is pork free.
The first dish that was served to us is the Som-Tam Tad/Som-TamPlatter. Rice noodles with fresh papaya salads, hard-boiled eggs, crunchy fried chicken skin and crab meat as our Appetiser.
The next dish is the Crispy Chicken Chop that served with Thai fragrance rice. This is my favourite coz' it is not spicy and I like the crispy type.
My 3rd dish is the Nue Mo Fai or Thai Style Beef Pot. The fire is still lighting when it was served to our table. It consist of Braised Beef Shank, Beef Ball, Beef Spleen, Beef Tendon and Sliced Beef. If you love to eat Beef, then you should have this when it is still boiling hot.
The 4th dish is the seafood otak-otak which is my Mom favourite dish. The otak-otak is mix with prawns and squid. 
My 5th dish is the Seafood Trio with Streat Seafood Sauce. I enjoyed eating the big and fresh prawns, la la and the squids together with their special sauce with limes.
My 6th dish is the Streat Thai Tom Yum Noodles. It is not so spicy as compare to other tomyam soup. I like the prawns, squids, crab meat balls, minced chicken and the half boiled eggs mix together with the grass noodles.
Another 2 dishes are beef and they look spicy. I dare not eat it but my father said the dishes are nice. Maybe I should give it a try when I used to eat spicy food.

I had my favourite green curry chicken too with baby egg plant.
Not to forget my favourite Mango Sticky Rice and Green Ruby with Coconut Milk.
If you like all the food that I had introduced here, then do check out their Ramadhan buffet too with over 60 dishes. Expect Succulent BBQ Lamb, fish meats and fresh seafood that immersed in hearty homemade authentic recipe. The price for the Ramadhan buffet is at RM49.90++ and Children, aged 6-12 years old, pay only RM19.90+ but if you book 7 days in advance, you only need to pay RM39.90++ for adults.
Streat Thai is located at Jaya One, 100-G.001, The School, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya. Their website at, facebook page at and instagram at Remember to call for reservations at 03-74961297/012-9073581.
Amongst all the dishes, my favourite always the Mango Sticky Rice and the Taro Smoothies. With over 100 dishes in the menu, I'll ask my parents to bring me here again to try out other food. The place is big and comfortable and every Friday and Saturday, they will have Chill Chill live music from 7.30pm till 10.30pm.