World Famous Silent Mentalist, Aaron Crow performing live at Resorts World Genting

School holiday is approaching soon. What is your plan ? If no planning yet, why not go up to the Genting Highlands to watch World Famous Silent Mentalist, Aaron Crow to perform live at Resort World Genting on 18 March 2016.

I am the first to watch the premier brief performances on the last week of Chinese New Year before Aaron Crow perform full performance on March later. His first performance on that day is to ate few needles but luckily he managed to pull it out from the string or else, his life will be in danger. Mommy Jane said Aaron Crow had been admitted to hospital before at the age of three when a needle stuck at his throat. 

Irene Cher Cher feed Aaron Crow with some needles and Aaron Crow trying to swallow the needles and a string down and in seconds, luckily he managed to pull the string with the needles attached to the string out from his mouth. Wow... Mommy Jane reminds us that we shouldn't follow his acts as it is very dangerous. 

After that he called a Cher Cher up to the stage to perform another dangerous acts. He break a glass and put a paper to cover it. He then mix it up and I can't even find where did the breaking glass at.

Aaron Crow then crash the paper covers one by one so hard and I'm so scared that he might hurt himself as the glass might cut his hands. He even use that Cher Cher hand to crash it out and luckily both of them didn't hurt their hands as at the end, the glass was not even at any of the cover. I wonder how he can mades the glass disappear. 

The 3rd and last act that Aaron Crow done was to put the candle lit at his eyes and face and then wrapped his face with kitchen wrappers and aluminium foil to avoid him to see anything.

When he can't see anything where he was blindfolded, he used a sharp tools to pook the bag of rice that hold by an audience, chopped of a pineapple hold by another person and even break a log of wood. It is really dangerous as with a miss, he might risk a person life. I feel so scared watching it as I pray no one will get hurt with this fearless acts.

So, if you want to watch Aaron Crow fearless and cheating to death nightly performance, come to Genting International Showroom as the show will be held daily from 18 March to 15 May 2016 at 4pm and 8pm or you can book your ticket now before 17 March to enjoy additional discounts at their WEBSITE or call them at 03-27181118.
Me and Ti Ti with Aaron Crow
You can expect an evening of highly original, heart-stopping, thrilling and truly spectacular acts that will leave all of you at the edge of your seats throughout. I enjoyed his performance and great to be part of the media to be the first to watch Aaron Crow live in Genting. I'll tell my friends on my experience and hope they will enjoy his performance too. 


  1. looks like a very exciting show! im sure the kids will love it

  2. I'm keen to catch Aaron Crow too as such shows fascinates me. Will try to make time during this school holidays.

  3. Sound like a cool show... but I am disturbed about the needle eating part... 😂

  4. jane ...great to see ur gal start blogging. have great fun at genting show rite.


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