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Eat, Outing and Watch Magic Show at Genting

Genting is my favourite place to go for a holiday because it is only an hour drive from my house at Kuala Lumpur and I could enjoy the cooling and fresh air there. When Mommy Jane said that we're going to Genting for a tour and for a magic show, I was very excited after my first Magic Show, Superstar Magic 4. Here I am with my Mommy, Daddy, Brothers and Sister driving our own car up to Genting last weekend for a holiday. We reached Coffee Terrace at Genting Grand at 11.30am for a buffet food review. The restaurant looks great and we had fun time dining here. From Malaysian Flavour, Chinese and Western, over 100 choices of food to be pampered with. I just love all the food here coz' it is delicious and so many choices to choose from. My favourite was the fish chop with mushroom sauce, lamb meat ball, chicken rice, soup, salad, blueberry cake, pudding, jelly and ice cream is the best. All the food was served freshly hot and its good to warm up