Thursday, 19 November 2015

Eat, Outing and Watch Magic Show at Genting

Genting is my favourite place to go for a holiday because it is only an hour drive from my house at Kuala Lumpur and I could enjoy the cooling and fresh air there. When Mommy Jane said that we're going to Genting for a tour and for a magic show, I was very excited after my first Magic Show, Superstar Magic 4. Here I am with my Mommy, Daddy, Brothers and Sister driving our own car up to Genting last weekend for a holiday.

We reached Coffee Terrace at Genting Grand at 11.30am for a buffet food review. The restaurant looks great and we had fun time dining here. From Malaysian Flavour, Chinese and Western, over 100 choices of food to be pampered with.

I just love all the food here coz' it is delicious and so many choices to choose from. My favourite was the fish chop with mushroom sauce, lamb meat ball, chicken rice, soup, salad, blueberry cake, pudding, jelly and ice cream is the best. All the food was served freshly hot and its good to warm up my body in a cooling air on top of the mountain. Having ice cream is a challenge for me but it is really great to have it also. Mommy Jane said the price for the buffet start from RM38 for normal days.
Coffee Terrace
After having our buffet, we proceed to Chin Swee Cave Temple. I might been there couple of times but every time Mommy said we were quite rush and have to just tour a while only. But this round, PR Irene Cher Cher, Eric Kor Kor and Wei En Kor Kor brought us to tour the whole Temple to learn more on the history and the meaning of every statue there. An education tour for us.
Me and Ti Ti
Irene Cher Cher said Chin Swee Temple was build by Genting's founder, Tan Sri Dato' Lim Goh Tong after he had a dream that he met up with Master Chin Swee. Master Chin Swee gave assurance to Tan Sri Lim to develop Genting and he'll ensure its success. After Genting was build up, Tan Sri Lim donated the land for Chin Swee Temple to thank the Master for helping him up.

Entrance of Chin Swee Cave Temple
After we pray to Master Chin Swee for a better health, wealth and prosperity for the whole family, Mommy Jane ask me to go below the place where Master Chin Swee seated to get some holy water to wash our top to toe as she said the holy water can cure all illnesses.
Me at the Cave getting the Holy Water from the Rock
At the lake outside the Chin Swee Cave Temple, there are lots of tortoises. I really love them and spend some times to feed them before we continue with our tour.

After feeding session, Mommy Jane brought me to see all the God of Deities at Chin Swee Temple.

Besides seeing all the Statue of Gods, Mommy Jane also bring me to the journey of 10 Chambers of Hell. This place is a bit scary as each statue showed the punishment that everyone will get if doing bad things in life like cheating, killing, stealing etc.

After our temple tour, we back to Resort World Genting to proceed to the Genting Showroom for an amazing Comedy and Magic by Misfit Magician Ed Alonzo.

Shows start daily at 8pm and selected dates include at 4pm and this show takes around 80 minutes. Ed and his friends with some dancers performed a comedy illusion shows which are one of a kind and simply fantastic.

If you want to know more about the magic acts and to enjoy yourself with the circus and dances, then book your ticket now. Price start from RM48 for child and RM88 for adult. You can opt to stay overnight at the Resort at a very attractive price. Room package with show and a night stay only at RM150 for a standard room at First World and RM210 for tickets and a night stay at XYZ triple room. Call them at 03-27181118 or log on to

Being Resort World Genting Young Blogger and Ambassador, I really had fun time visiting, touring, eating, sleeping and playing here. Thanks to RWG and all the PR Kor Kor and Cher Cher for the warmth hospitality by bringing and explaining to us during the tour. I learned a lot from the Chin Swee Temple, had fun time eating at Coffee Terrace and enjoy every moment of the Magic Show performance by Ed and his friends. Thank you and hope to see all of you soon.

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