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Spirit of Wipro Run 2016 Held Concurrently Around the World

Spirit of Wipro Run 2016 marks its 6th year in Malaysia and 11th year at the international level, was concurrently held around the world where thousands of Wipro employees, their families, friends, customers, partners and suppliers join the run together on the same day but at different locations where WIPRO has its offices for a good cause. I am proud to be one of the participants that woke up early and be there as early as 6.30 a.m. at Perdana Botanical Garden (Lake Garden) on Sunday, 25.9.2016. There are 4,300 participants on that day but at the international level, there are 83,000 registrations from across 114 cities taking part in the run. The objective of the "Spirit of WIPRO Run" is to foster the values that WIPRO UNZA considers to be the foundation of the Company. The values are Intensity to Win, Act with Sensivity and Unyielding Integrity. Warm up session by the Nike Ambassador before the run begins Mr Siram Krishnamurthy, Chief Executive of Wipro Unza Ma