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Viper Challenge at Gloria Residences Ion Delemen Genting Highlands

Hi everyone !!! Long time did not update my post coz' I am very busy with my school works and exams. Since my exam just over, I will update my experience when I attended the Viper Challenge last weekend at Gloria Residences Ion Delemen Genting Highlands. I am a teenager now. Yeah !!! We check-in on Friday evening and check-out on Sunday afternoon. We had a 3-bedroom services residences at Gloria Residences. This is my first time been to this hotel and the hotel is quite new. Just 1 year plus.  Our unit is quite spacious and clean. I can run around playing with my siblings and at night, we have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Since my eldest Sis is not around, I share the 2 single bed with my youngest brother. Me and my Little Brother's room WH and WT's room My parents' room After we check-in to our hotel, we walk around to visit some of the facilities available at the hotel. Me and my brothers like their heated indoor swimming pool where we coul