Thursday, 26 May 2016

ROASTERS Chicken Run for Charity organised by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS at Desa Waterpark

Last Sunday, Mommy Jane brought me and my Ti Ti to Desa Waterpark for the 12th ROASTERS Chicken Run. This round, we will run for charity to support the Food Aid Foundation. Funds from the run will used to provide 2,000 sets of Kenny's Chicken Meals to approximately 20 charitable homes for both young and old and the remaining will be utilized to purchase ingredients and groceries to other homes.

More than 2,138 runners participate for the run. Some arrived as early as 6.30 a.m. while me and my family arrived at 7 a.m. At 7.25 a.m., Dato' Francis Lee, Group Executive Director of Berjaya ROASTERS (M) Sdn Bhd (photo as below) gave us a welcome note and short speech. He said that the ROASTERS Chicken Run was in 12th year now. Means that even before I was borned, the run had started years back. Wow...

Dato' Francis said that with the supports from Malaysians, it gave them a sense of satisfaction to see their objective of promoting healthy living while giving back to the community has been achieved. A total of RM55,000 was raised from the event and with the fund, KRR will be reaching to a larger number of the needy ones by providing them with nutritious wholesome meals as well as donating funds to various organisations through Food Aid Foundation.

Mr Rick Chee, founder of Food Aid Foundation who had received mock cheque from Dato' Francis as above show his gratitude and support to this meaningful event. They had appreciate the generosity from KRR and fellow Malaysians for our selflessly here to support the foundation. With the contributions garnered from the event, they certainly be able to extend their arms to a greater number of homes and provide them with more nutritious food supplies.

We had some warm-up session before the run and after the speech by Celebrity Fitness. There are 6 categories and I am in Category F, girls below 12 years old. Adults run first and follow by children. Adult have to run for 4.8km while children only 3.5km.

Everyone that run to the finishing lines will get a medal and a theme park ticket to Desa Waterpark. After running, all runners were refresh with 100 Plus and Oishi Green Tea. We were also given a imported chocolate pack by the Cocoa Trees and Dutch Lady milk.

For each category, there are top 3 winners and 6 consolation prize winners. All walk-away with 100 Plus and F&N Cordial Drinks. Congrats to all the winners who had run as fast as they can to be entitle for the hampers.

There are also Q&A session where those who answer correctly were given KRR vouchers and lots of lucky draw prizes too. Congrats to all the lucky winners.

For more information and details of any event or promotions, you can call 03-21199888 or visit their website at and facebook at

After the run event over, everyone proceed to the water theme park to play and this is the moment that I had waited for the whole morning. Change to my swim wear and jump to the water and swim like a fish. I enjoyed playing at the strong wave and the playground with some slides.

Thanks to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS for invite me, my Mommy and my Ti Ti to the charity run. I am proud being part of the charity and covering the meaningful event for them. I am also happy to see that more poor families had nutritious food now and with the contributions from KRR and all the participants to the run. Hope more organisations will organised such event so that everyone can be part of it. Run with family and run for charity. Need to reserve my 2nd place next year (As per photo below). He he he...

Friday, 13 May 2016

7-Eleven Coastal Cleanup Day

Mommy Jane had informed me on our intention to join the beach clean-up campaign. I was very excited because this is the first time, me, Mommy and my Ti Ti took the initiative to clean-up the beach. 

I woke up early and the first to prepared myself up. We reached Plaza Berjaya at 7 a.m. and the first few to arrived. We waited for almost 1 hour before our bus came and fetch us to Morib Beach. At the bus, we had Fresh to Go sandwiches as our breakfast. The bus driver had some difficulty times to find the route to the beach and made our journey delay and by the time we reached our destination place, it took almost 1.5 hour times.

We were greeted by Mr Gary Brown, CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia who welcomed all of us to the Clean-up the beach campaign. He thank all of us present for taking the initiative to made our beach clean. Medias, bloggers and 7-Eleven staff were there to support the campaign.
Mr Gary Brown, CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia 
We were had a briefing before given a pair of hand glove and a plastic bin to start with our clean-up. The beach was a bit dirty with some plastic bags, bottles, cans etc. I even found a piece of broken glass. It is so dangerous coz' normally at the beach, we will take off our shoes. If someone had step on it, then sure lots of bloods will come out and luckily I found it before anyone got injured. I faster pick it up and throw inside by plastic.

When the beach is dirty, some of the dirts might flush to the sea and it will affect the animals or creatures that staying at the sea. I found some dead creatures at the beach too because of some irresponsible person who simply throw the can at the beach instead to the dustbin provided.

Morib Beach is a public area. Lots of families and friends had brought their food to have picnic while swimming at the beach. If all of us, do our part to keep the beach clean, then we will have a safer and cleaner environment for everyone.

After 2 hours of cleaning together, we had gather lots of rubbish and everything was nicely wrapped for the rubbish truck to pick up and throw it away.

We were then served with 7-Eleven Fresh to Go fried meehoon with egg, fishballs and sausages. It is very convenient coz' everything was pre-packed. It is available for sale now at all 7-Eleven outlet.

After my meal and since the beach is all clean now, I took off my slipper and play at the water and found some shells and live hermit crabs. I enjoyed playing with my kite too coz' the wind was strong enough to fly my kite high.

Around 1 p.m., it is times to said goodbye to the beautiful beach that we had just cleaned up. I really felt reluctant to leave but Mommy Jane had promised us that we definitely will come back here again with Daddy and we shall have a picnic there. Thanks to 7-Eleven for invited me and Mommy Jane to joined the campaign. I hope during my next visit, the beach will be as clean as now. I also hope everyone will did their part in cleaning the beach so that it will be the best place for our vacations.