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Water Park at Wet World Shah Alam

When Mommy Jane said will bring us to a new Water Park at Shah Alam, I felt very excited and looking forward to the event as I never been there before. It is times for me to explore to a new water park while witness the charity event which held on 9 August 2015. Here I am to cover the event as invited media. Yeah... My first impression when I go in the Wet World Shah Alam is WOW... It was so beautiful and lots of activities awaits me there. If you don't believe me, then see my photos below. Saw it ? I didn't lie to you right ? The place looks really great and I enjoyed myself. It was indeed a recommended place for children and adults. So, come with your family to enjoy the water park activities. Psst : They have the longest water coaster at Wet World Shah Alam. Just click  HERE  to check on their entrance ticket price for all the water park under OWG and the operating times. I'm actually here to cover the charity event

My Trip to Genting for Behind the Scene, Superstar Magic 4 and Steamboat at Resort Seafood

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting my new blog. Before that I am an Editor for but my Mommy Jane from said that I am big enough now to have my own blog instead of sharing with my brother. So, 2 Junior Rangers now will be for 2 boys i.e. WH and WT while my blog now more to girly things. Just called me Pretty Wen. He he he... I was appointed as RWG Genting Young Bloggers and Ambassadors on June this year. You can check out my blog here   on my appointment.  Since I love to eat, I had done my review on the Ramadhan buffet at Genting  here .  I'm here again at Genting with my family this round to review on the Malaysia Biggest Laundry, Behind the Scene, Superstars Magic 4 and Steamboat at Resort Seafood. Let me bring you to the tour of it. 3 beautiful Cher Cher who are our tour guide with my fellow Kids Bloggers friends and my Ti Ti We reached First World Hotel around 1.15pm and start off to tour the Malaysia Largest