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LEGOLAND, Give the Gift of Play and Get Together with Play

In conjunction with CNY, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort ("LLMR") had ushered in the auspicious Lunar New Year ("LNY") celebrations with lots of fun-filled activities in core for the entire family. Placing the importance of play at the core of all activities designed for its guests, the exclusive LNY attractions provide its visitors an environment to demonstrate creativity; whilst encouraging them to spend some quality family time. Beyond building lasting memories, the simple act of playing together fosters family bonding. After all, families who play together, stick together.  Through LEGO ®  and the gift of play it brings, make this LNY even more special by upgrading the act of giving Ang Pow, to gifting with LEGO Bricks ®.  Symbolising the gift of play further and staying true to its authentic LEGOLAND ®  style,  the resort will be giving away LEGO ®  commemorative bricks as Ang Pows in conjunction  with the LNY celebrations. What’s more, the resort’s retail outlet