Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Trip to Genting for Behind the Scene, Superstar Magic 4 and Steamboat at Resort Seafood

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting my new blog. Before that I am an Editor for http://2-junior-rangers.blogspot.com but my Mommy Jane from www.mommyjane.com said that I am big enough now to have my own blog instead of sharing with my brother. So, 2 Junior Rangers now will be for 2 boys i.e. WH and WT while my blog now more to girly things. Just called me Pretty Wen. He he he...

I was appointed as RWG Genting Young Bloggers and Ambassadors on June this year. You can check out my blog here on my appointment. Since I love to eat, I had done my review on the Ramadhan buffet at Genting here. I'm here again at Genting with my family this round to review on the Malaysia Biggest Laundry, Behind the Scene, Superstars Magic 4 and Steamboat at Resort Seafood. Let me bring you to the tour of it.

3 beautiful Cher Cher who are our tour guide with my fellow Kids Bloggers friends and my Ti Ti
We reached First World Hotel around 1.15pm and start off to tour the Malaysia Largest Laundry where we been told on how all the linens and uniforms were being washed and iron in a systematic way with the helps of the machines and limited staff.

This machine is like the transformers and within seconds, the uniform was ironed
Next, we went for a "See, Do & Eat Workshop" where I got to made my own bento lunchbox full of adorable characters like bear and even snowman. Besides that I can also DIY my own doughnut from a variety of yummy ingredients.
My Little Bear Bento
My Snowman sushi
My delicious donut
Next, we went to Genting International Showroom to see how is the sound system and the lightings work whenever there is a show. All the high-tech and big machines to operate it really open my eyes.

Since we're already at the showroom, we waited for around 15 minutes for Asia's largest magic variety show. I was amaze how Alana Moelman produced life human hands out of her leather jacket. Looks like she got lots of hands. Ha ha ha... But all these are called as magic as every normal human being only have 2 hands.

Jeff performed a TV Magic and modern music. He amaze me by speedily taking things out of his TV. Then Ted Kim had infuses modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology where he incorporates my favourite video games and music to his act such as Super Mario Brothers. One Gun amaze me with his own clothes that on their own keep changing in colour and type right infront of me. Joseph performed a Dove Magic and Jay was funny and charm. Shawn was the FISM Close Up Championship of Magic 2012. Now, let me show you some of the photos that all the seven illusionists had performed.

Looks great right ? Everything changed within seconds and I really wonder how they really do it...
Me with three of the Illusionist kor kor
After the show, we went for my favourite food, steamboat at Resort Seafood for dinner.

Live and fresh seafood
I love to eat the Steamboat here because it is fresh and the taste really good. With the breezing cold on top of the hill, having Steamboat will be my best choice.

Spacious and nice environment
Fresh balls, meats, eggs, vegetables and mushroom with herbal chicken soup
It was really great to be RWG Genting Young Bloggers and Ambassadors as I'll be the first amongst my friends to experience and explore all the activities, shows and even food at Genting. I learned a lot on Behind the Scenes Tour as I always wonder how everything works and I got to do and design my own Bento and doughnut too. I always wonder is the magic really exist but the Superstar Magic 4 had proven it all. It is indeed a great show for me and my family. Thanks to all for visiting my blog. Come again for more of my experience soon.


  1. It's really eye opening to see how big resort/hotel wash their linen and uniform. Interesting!

  2. Such a fun trip! :) Hoe you enjoyed your behind the scenes moments.

  3. Look like a very fun trip! Hope you enjoyed your time :)