Star Light Kids at Avenue K Officially Launched

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my blog again. Today I'll introduce to all of you a great indoor playground with Space as the theme. Sounds great ? It is indeed a great place to play at. 

Me at the Entrance of Star Light Kids
It was launched on 22 August 2015 and founded by three sisters, Aunty Lydia, Aunty Elanie and Aunty Elyza. Thanks to all the three Aunties for build up a great place for us to play at.

Now, let me bring you to the tour of the place and introduce you some activities that you can join here.
Me and my Ti Ti shooting time  

The first game that we played on that day was shooting a ball at people instead of the point board. It was very fun as everyone tried to avoid the balls that we had shot from the gun but no worries as it does not hurt at all as the ball was very soft. 
Gather all the balls
Oops, the balls fly out. Yeah...
My brother, WH collect as many balls as possible and then put at the area allocated. When the balls are enough, he just press a button and the balls fly out. It was so beautiful like rainbow raining from the sky. Yeah...

This is the area where my baby Ti Ti can played with. A small playground for him to climb, slide and balls to play with.

I can jump at the trampoline so that I'll grow high. Everywhere got net. Safe for me to climb, run and jumping around with my Ti Ti. Yeah...

2 long slides are there. It is so fun to slide together with my Ti Ti to see who reach at the bottom first but my Ti Ti always win as he is strong enough to push himself down faster.

Toddler area with lots of seats for parents to take care of their little ones.

Inside the playground, got a toilet. Easier and safer for me when I really need it. Ha ha ha...

You can get your food at the cafe also at the Star Light Cafe when you feel hungry.

You can do a birthday party here too with the Space as your birthday theme. Packages available. Just call them. Hopefully next year, I could do my party here. My friends sure love the place.

I really love this playground very much. Tqvm to Star Light Kids for a great experience for me to explore this awesome playground and the lovely t-shirt too. For more information, you can always read my Mommy Jane's blog post HERE. Tqvm everyone for reading my post here. If you love it too, then ask your Daddy and Mommy to bring you here also.


  1. So cute.. You are adorable.. Keep up the great job....

  2. So cute.. You are adorable.. Keep up the great job....

  3. Lovely place for the kids...

  4. It is like a heaven for kids :)

  5. Owesome place for a active kids *wink

    Kolin zainal

  6. It is such a lovely place for kids. At least is a fun thing for them to enjoy

  7. Glad u had fun there wen. :) thank you for sharing

  8. it was a fun place for the kids alright, sure don't want to eat or go home if play here.


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