World Famous Silent Mentalist, Aaron Crow

When Aaron Crow came to Resort World Genting on February this year, I had watch his brief performance HERE. I am here now to watch his full exciting performance with his friends live in action.
Me and Aaron Crow for a photo together after the show
With his fusion of magic, suspense, risky stunts and mystery, Aaron is able to capture our attention without uttering a single word. His unmatched power and eloquent silence has long since become hos onstage trademark, always leaving all of us at the edge of our seats and longing for more.

This round, it is more livelier coz' his friend told us some jokes that made all of us laugh and all those pretty ladies had done a great job performing few dances for all of us to watch.

Expect an evening of highly original, heart-stopping, thrilling and truly spectacular acts throughout the show. The show will be held at the Genting International Showroom daily from 18 March to 15 May at 9pm with matinee show at 4pm. 
Aaron Crow standing at a board that turn around while he shoot at the apple hold by the volunteer on top of his girl friend's head

After the arrow hitting in the middle of the board with the apple and the ring on it, Aaron Crow pass the ring to the the guy for him to propose to his girl friend for marriage. A truly romantic moments.
Aaron Crow also performed the acts right in front of me eating those needles. A very dangerous act coz' it caused his life before when he was small.

Tickets for "Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly" at Genting International Showroom from 18 March to 15 May, 9pm and 4pm were priced at RM78 (PS2), RM98 (PS1) and RM118 (VIP). You can call them up at 03-27181118 or visit the website at
Me with the Beautiful, Pretty and Sexy Dancing Cher Cher
With the amazing show, funny jokes and brilliant dancing performance, I enjoyed myself so much throughout the whole performance. So, if you want to experience what I had, ask Daddy and Mommy to bring all of you up here too. I'm sure you'll be amaze with the "Fearless ! Cheating Death Nightly" each and every performances.


  1. Best lah uolls pergi sana pergi sini.. hee. Tapi horror kan magician tu.. I Nak tahu dia guna teknik illusion or teknik ghaib.. because akhir zaman ni makin lama makin ramai magician sehingga ada yang boleh menghidupkan orang mati... contohnya Dajjal. Hu3..nice show BTW... mesti terpukau right ?

    1. Aunty Syafiera. memang best sehingga I pun rasa takut sikit.

  2. how romantic to purpose on stage :) so sweet. Thanks to Aaron to make it happen

    1. Bem, indeed a romantic moment for the couple and even audience also felt so excited and happy for them.

  3. Wow bestnya ! Really want to watch also T.T

    1. Aunty Fatin, hope you enjoy the fantastic show.

  4. It sounds and looks breathtaking!
    I am sure it is a great experience for you and your family.

    Much love,

    1. Aunty Eve, we had enjoyed it so much. Thanks for visiting and commenting my blog here :)


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