Explore the Jungle at Awana Back to Nature Retreat

Everyone ask me what I had done during my school holiday. Do you believe me if I said that had done something really exciting which is exploring the 130 million years old rainforest ? Believe it not as here I am at Awana Back to Nature Retreat with Mommy Jane and 85 Youth from Bentong, Raub and Rumah Charis from KL spending our 2 days camp here.

We started with Eco Nature Trail covering 1.8 kilometres of jungle trekking through the 130 million years old rainforest along with other bloggers.
Eventhough just a 1.8km walk but we end up used around 1 hour to accomplished it. It was really tiring and risky as we had to go through the big wood logs, dangerous bridge, leeches that sucks blood, big ants and muddy road but it was a great experience for me as now only I know how a jungle looks like and I enjoyed seeing the beauty of the nature too.
Thanks to Pretty Cher Cher for holding my hand all the time during the trekking
After the Eco Nature Trail, we proceed to have our lunch and witness the launch of the Back to Nature Retreat 2015 by YB Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community planted a tree. Aunty Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resort World Genting was also there to welcome all of us.

Aunty Katherine said Participants learn jungle survival skills and developing networking and team building skills so we'll become more self-confident individual which is true as if gave me more confident now after exploring the jungle for the first time.

Datin Paduka said everyone has a part to play in conserving the environment and ask us to reduce energy consumption, recycling and reusing paper with 3R practise. She hope the 2 days programme will provide Youth the opportunity to harness creativity, inventiveness, adaptability, socio-emotional skills, responsibilities and leadership of all is us today.
Datin Paduka presented vouchers to Aunty Kylie team for winning the Eco Nature Trail
After that, we had joined an educational Eco Talk where Uncle Fadly shared with us ways to reduce resources consumption and managing waste through 3R - Reduce, Reuse and Recyle Techniques on source separation and also how wastes can be converted to something useful in our daily lives.
Me with all the Participants listening to the talk at the Long House
We had also pick up some jungle survival skills that we had learned by making costumes using the recyclable materials for our fashion show the next day.
Me helping Kor Kor and Cher Cher to made an Ironman with the recyclable materials where the Uncle from Bernama had took video of us doing our job
The next day is the Hunt for National Treasure. Here I learned about team building activity where everyone of us in the team play important role to ensure that our team win.

Games such as Star Wars, Bridge Too Far, Giant Slipper Obstacle, Spider Web, Mines Field and Hidden Gold Balls were the telematch games that we had and at the end of the match, we need to answer some General Knowledge Questions.

After the telematch, we had a fashion show times. Every team had created a very creative costumes using the recycle materials. All the participants who had dressed up, had to performed a cat walk. Looks like a real fashion show to me and I had enjoyed it so much.

After the fashion show, there are winners announcement for National Treasure and the fashion show. My team might not win anything but we already tried our very best. Thanks to all the Kor Kor and Cher Cher for the team spirit that always cheer me up.
Me at my sleeping tent

Overall, I really had a very tough times there, running, walking, shouting, climbing etc. It is a full 2 days Back to Nature programme to me and I really felt exhausted but I did enjoyed myself so much. This might be my first experience and it won't be the last coz' I wanted to join more to explore more the beauty of our jungle. Thanks to Resort World Genting and all the PR Kor Kor and Cher Cher for bringing me up there to experience it myself. Hope to see all of you soon to try out other things also.


  1. the organisers really know how to make the retreat so fun! the kids seem to enjoy so much

    1. Aunty Leona, the PR Kor Kor and Cher Cher here good in organising events.

  2. Such a lovely wonderful retreat session!~ How we wish could go for another one in near future!~ Genting PR Team really is the best!!!

    1. Aunty Kylie, agreed with you. I hope to go another one soon.

  3. i didnt know that they have a eco trail there at awana! :D looks like a great place for teambuilding too

    1. Fish Cher Cher, before that, I don't know also and this is my first time joining the trail.

  4. It looks fun with lots of activities! I bet the kids enjoy so much!

  5. hoho.. so creative. pandainya...
    semua nampak enjoy dengan aktiviti2 yg disediakan

  6. Its a good and engaging way for the children and also adults to get closer to nature.

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun... I can see that you enjoyed it a lot with your mom... keep up the good work

  8. such an active activity.. oh my oh my.. i may collapse joining it

    1. Uncle Isaac, I believe you won't easily collapse wan. He he he...


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