5D Art Tricks Opening at Malacca on 1.1.16

I always wonder how 5D Arts look like. I watch 5D movie at Sunway Lagoon before where I got all wet, sitting at a moving chair and wearing the spectacles which mades me feel that it looks like reality. Here I am at Malacca to visit the 5D Art Studio to act with the Art tricks.

I am a beautiful Butterfly

5D Studio features features paintings on just a plain surfaces that had magically appear to be five-dimensional through the use of optical illusions.

So many knifes are attacking me now

Oops... I'm trapped here. Help me out please...

There are more than 70 optical illusion paintings and installations over five different themed zones where you can have the fun to see and pose with the Arts. It looks realistic and alive to bring back our own collections.
Cutting my hair here 

Looks like I am riding a real rhinoceros here  

5D Studio located at No. 39, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Malacca. Do like them at their Facebook page HERE also. First 500 tickets purchase will get another 1 free. Called them at 013-3875555/017-9926665/0162071010 to book your tickets early ya.

Mommy, help as WH trying to cut me into half....

Come and experience yourself the mind-blowing tricky paintings and sculptures 5D Art awaits you at the peak of Malacca.

Me and my 2 Ti Ti trying to feed the hungry penguins here

I really had to think creatively and act accordingly to get the effect of it. Thanks to Uncle Five, owner of 5D Art Studio for teaching me on how to do it. After third lessons, I can pose it naturally which made the whole acts look like reality. I had enjoyed myself here and had also learned to be creative here. It is indeed a good experience to me. Yeah...

Did I look like a flying Angel here ?


  1. Very nice photos you have there! Hope to see you again soon. :)

  2. Nice photo.A great place to visit with kids on weekend :)

  3. Nice to see you on that day. You are so cute. Photos are so nice.

  4. Wow 5D! Another level up from 3D huh? Any differences between these 2? :D

  5. Gonna bring my kids there too. But am sure that I will be more excited in trying everything out. Hehe/

  6. 5D that's something new! Is true that posing is somehow more important to makes it looks alive :D


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