Celebrating my Chinese New Year at Resort World Genting

On 20th February 2016, I was invited as Kid Blogger to cover Aaron Crow Magic Show and Old Master Q at Genting Highlands. Me, Daddy, Mommy, Cher Cher and Ti Ti had a night stay at First World Hotel which is the largest hotel in the World.

Me at the new Tower 2A which had a very nice design just located next to Tower 2 at First World Hotel
We walk around at the First World Plaza after we checked in to our hotel room and l really love the decorations and the music that brings out the mood of the Chinese New Year celebrations. We catch up with the Old Master Q and his friends live show at the First World Plaza stage at 5.30 p.m. It is free and open to everyone to watch.
Aren't they looks alike ? Now I know where Minions design came from. Ha ha ha...
They talk jokes that mades everyone laugh and dance till I feel like dancing too. Lion dance and Choy San Yeah also join them in dancing. It is an half an hour show and it is indeed a great show for all of us.

After the show, we went to Coffee Terrace for our buffet dinner and at the play station, I saw King of Monkey, Fairies and Choy San Yeah walking around. I took photo with them and in return I got myself chocolates and a round pendant from the Fairy. So, if you happen to meet up with them, remember to take a photo with them to redeem a mystery gift.

The decorations at the Coffee Terrace also attracts me coz' it is beautifully decorated in red with lots of flowers. I love the food here coz' there are variety and I can choose the food that I want. It is also delicious. Yummy...

Me and my Ti Ti
We went back to First World Plaza to watch Lion Dance in Pole. It is indeed a dangerous act and I love the performances. Lion Dance also gave us mandarin orange and hope it will brings luck to all of us. Me and my 2 Ti Ti also had joined the Lion Dance troupe association to perform Lion Dance during Chinese New Year. We indeed had a very tight schedule but I enjoyed it so much.

I bought Little girls keychains at a market at First World Plaza which is located next to the tower clock below to give-away to my school friends and lion dance friends and they loved it so much.

Almost every hour, First World Plaza had live performances. Fairies with Monkey King and God of Prosperity live performances start at 10 p.m. Everyone here put a great effort to made everyone cheers for them and we truly enjoy it so much.

We went back to our room after a long tired day. We stayed at the Deluxe room which is very comfortable. The room had hair dryer, safety box and fridge too. It is indeed a beautiful room for me to stay at.

The next morning, I woke up at 8 a.m. to had breakfast at Terminal 2. We had big breakfast with coffee and tea. I love to eat their Jumbo sausages and eggs but Mommy said vegetables are good for me. So, I ate half of it as the breakafast too big portion for me. 

Thanks to Resort World Genting for the invitation. I had a wonderful times at Genting Highlands. It is the best place to visit as I love the cool and fresh air here. With so many activities going on, don't think I will ever feel bored visiting here every month.


  1. Great activity! I like Old Master Q too. Wish I will have the chance to visit too.

  2. Old Master Q is hilarious! Looks like a great stay, and yes, always add more veges


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