The Cheapest High Tea Spread for A Child at Food Factory, First World Plaza

Children like me love to go to High Tea Spread because we can choose whatever we wanted to eat. Just pay RM10 nett for a child like me, you can have as much as you can from 1pm till 5pm. Adults only need to pay RM38 nett and I can tell you that the food was amazing and it is really worth it to have a dining experience at Food Factory which located at 3rd Floor of First World Plaza.
Me and my Ti Ti with my blogger friends and Eric Kor Kor and Jia Yi Cher Cher
Last time, I been to this restaurant to have their buffet for breakfast but now during school holidays from March 12-20 and on March 26 and 27, there will have a High Tea spread at Food Factory. Covers 23,568 sq ft that comes with an open kitchen equipped with some heavy-duty kitchen gadgets, it can cater for tour groups, MICE market and can accommodate up to 1,300 diners at one time.

There are separate counters for Western, East Asian, West Asian, Pizza, local delights and drinks. Easier for me to choose which style of cooking that I prefered.
Seafood Platter Salads
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Chicken burger fresh cook on the Spot by Uncle Chef
Pancakes best top up with honey, butter or kaya
Fried Carrot Cake which is my favourite
Sauteed Lamb Balls with hot sauce which is my Ti Ti favourite
Lamb Sharwama
Pasta with Cream Carbonara Sauce
Fried Banana, Chicken Pies and Bread
Serving hot dim sum
Margherita Pizza
The Art of Making Roti Jala

Tempting Sweet Dessert
Variety of Ice Cream Flavour i.e. Coconut, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Vanilla, Yam, Tiramisu etc
The Chef said the machines that they had able to serve up to 2,000 peoples at one time. The pancake machine, for instance, can make up to 200 pieces of pancakes in approximately 30 minutes. Using the machine saves time and energy and the interesting fun facts are making pancakes for 2,000 peoples requires 7.2kg of flour, 13 eggs and 7.2 litrer of milk.

As for the fried noodles recipe, a total of 88kg of boiled noodles, 10kg of chicken slices, 16kg of prawns, 150 eggs, 16kg of Chinese Cabbage, 10kg of carrot Julliane, 5kg of mushroom slices and 20kg of beansprouts are needed to serve 2,000 peoples each day. Wow....

If you want to know more information on the High Tea, please call 03-2718118 or log on to

I enjoyed watching each and every Chefs at work and how they used their extraordinary machinery to make good food to all of us. Most of the food here were made on the spot upon order from the guess. We waited patiently for our turns to get the delicious food fresh and some still in piping hot which made the food perfect for my taste buds.
Me and my best blogger friend, Joey as we walk hand-in-hand through-out the trip. She might be taller than me but I am bigger than her with a year different. So, she called me Er Cher instead, the name that my 3 Ti Ti called me. So, I have an extra Mei Mei now. Yeah... 


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